Rehabilitation in Scotland

rehabilitation in scotlandFinding help for rehabilitation in your area isn’t always as easy as you may first think, although it is available and going to the right places will help you no end!

Scottish Rehabilitation Path

If you are a resident in Scotland then you are still able to find a government funded location to help you with your rehabilitation journey.  There is a lot of help out there and a primary visit to your local GP will allow the process to be highlighted to you.  Once you have a referral from your Local doctors then you will be asked to visit your local authorised Drug Rehabilitation centre where they will ask you to complete a prehab form.  This will take details regarding the amount and type of prescription or non prescription drugs you are addicted too, how it has affected your life and others around you. They will then ask you a number of personal questions which need to be answered truthfully.

Treatment Process

The whole process of getting in to rehab is not a formality and you will find it imposing and uncomfortable.  All of these steps are good positive forward moves for you to be making. They are also tailored to increase your confidence and will give you the belief to challenge harder and tougher decisions that you will have to make through your rehabilitation journey.

First Steps

Getting help is the first of many positive steps you will need to make to create the abstinent move towards your new lifestyle.  To be completely substance free after your rehabilitation process will be tough and will undoubtedly result in a residential course.  this will mean you are isolated from the rest of the world for a minimum period that will be arranged before you start your path to a clean life.