Rehabilitation in Scotland

rehabilitation in scotland

Scottish Rehabilitation Path

If you are a resident in Scotland then you are still able in some areas to find government funded  support to help you with your rehabilitation journey. The first point of contact is usually with you or your loved one’s GP.  Each area differs in how local access to residential treatment is then sourced and you may have to persevere with a process. If in doubt, the Alexander Clinic can often advise. There is already a lot of help out there in the community and a primary visit to your local GP will allow the process to be highlighted to you.  

The whole process of accessing rehab is not necessarily simple if you are not self-funding. All of these steps are good, positive, forward moves for you to be making. They are also tailored to increase your confidence and will give you the belief to challenge harder and tougher decisions that you will have to make through your rehabilitation journey.

First Steps

Getting help is the first of many positive steps you will need to make to create the move towards your new abstinent lifestyle.  To be completely substance free after your rehabilitation process will be tough and will undoubtedly result in a residential course followed by supportive after care if that is the course you decide to take.  Your life is yours and yours alone and whatever you decide for yourself, or a loved one, the Alexander Clinic is here to support you all the way through. Even if we are not able to offer you a place at the Clinic, we pride ourselves in sharing our large network of alternative services on offer across Scotland and often beyond.