Prehab Process

One to One Counselling:

It is also possible to access individual one-to-one counselling with an addictions’ therapist on a sessional or hourly basis. This service runs from the clinic or can be facilitated via our digital health platform and on occasions can be delivered at a workplace or a neutral location. This service is particularly appropriate for people who may feel that a residential intervention is not a viable alternative or suitable for their needs.

Prehab is available to everyone:

As with all areas of the country Aberdeenshire is  unfortunately an area affected by alcohol and drug use.  We are actively finding ways to prevent the deep hurt and loss of a person that substance use can cause.  Instead of avoiding the fact that addiction is prominent in society, we are here to work with families, communities, companies and individuals to rehabilitate but also to offer prehab counselling services to vulnerable people. Our outreach team can be deployed to your workplace or community where need is identified to respond in a holistic and solution focused way.

Getting there First counts

Our Prehab service not only offers a comprehensive lifeline to those who are waiting for a placement at Alexander clinic, but also, it can be used to advise and educate people to the signs of alcoholism, and drug activity and abuse in a family member, a work colleague or even yourself!

After Years of working in the industry and working in social sector environments,  Alexander Clinic have illustrated within the prehab work that prevention and highlighting and fully educating how addiction affects family, the individual, friends and colleagues much more than people previously imagined is a powerful antidote to resignation that addiction cannot be overcome.  Our outreach team are able to respond to schools, workplaces and communities to present on what we can offer through direct services, education and training.

prehab house

After Care

Substance use knows no boundaries and we see clients at the Clinic from every social background.  What is important for us is our ethos that each client who comes through our doors deserves the highest standard of care we can offer, irrespective of how they came to us.  The combined hundreds of years of experience of all our staff position us to work with the client in the room and not the perceived problem that brought them to us.

We explore all the social and recovery capital available to the client whether intrinsic, inherent or acquired through education or therapy to plan for a life free from substances. Through a Functional Analysis approach we engage clients with anticipated life experiences which may in the past have resulted in the use of substances.

By engaging with clients as early as possible when a problem arises or is identified, and especially in the early stages of the treatment process, there is a greater chance of success of sustained recovery.  This recovery journey is not nor never will be linear so we anticipate that in advance of discharge and we, clients and Alexander staff, work towards life after treatment from very early on and plan for how this life free form substances will look.

We offer:

  • Care planning of the highest standard that takes into account all the needs and aspirations of the client
  • Education and provision of the lifesaving overdose prevention response, Naloxone
  • Free access to a support group every Saturday morning, often facilitated by a therapist or external speaker
  • 6 free sessions with a therapist for 6 months after discharge
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Skype calls for clients from out of area
  • Follow up engagement with referring agencies/social support/medical teams
  • Regular Clinic education sessions for our alumnae to return to meet with peers and engage in recovery focused learning
  • Post discharge sessions and updates of a more informal nature
  • Ongoing attendance for families at our twice monthly family support group