Funded patients need to go through the appropriate channels and then contact the Clinic to arrange an initial assessment interview.

Private patients who wish to be admitted, self-refer and need only contact the Clinic and arrange for an initial assessment interview with one of our skilled nurses or therapists. Where there is an evident co-occurring mental health issue, one of our psychiatrists may be present.

Assessments are to be done at the Clinic or in cases where travel would be particularly difficult the assessment can be done by telephone or Skype. We reserve the right to refuse admission if we become aware of circumstances other than those advised at time of assessment.

How do I get funding for residential treatment?

Following registration of the clinic as a Private Independent Clinic under the Regulation of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, it is now possible to source either partial or full funding for treatment from the local Health Board and Social Work Department.

This should be done by approaching your family doctor and requesting an application be made to your local clinical substance misuse team. You can also contact your local Social Work Department or Care Manager if you already have one allocated to you.

Be aware that applying for statutory funding can take several weeks and processes can differ according to the area in which you live and the availability of funding for residential treatment.

There is no guarantee of funding from any of these agencies. If you receive Social Work funding for treatment, you may be required to pay a Personal Contribution to your treatment; dependent on area.

Personal Contribution amounts will be set by the Social Work Department. In the event that this is the case and the amount is not set prior to admission, an interim charge will be made and adjusted once the final amount has been ascertained.

Individuals who are in a position to self-fund can access services within 24 hours following appropriate, risk, medical and psychological assessment. Depending on bed availability.

Can I access One to One Counselling?

The Alexander Clinic is also funded by Aberdeenshire Council to provide Counselling and Therapy services for people who may feel that a residential intervention is not a viable alternative or suitable for their needs. If you have any questions in regards to how to apply, further details are available on request from the clinic. You can contact the clinic on 01651 872100.

We also offer 1:1 counselling or couples’/family counselling for clients who wish to self-pay.

Once a client has made the decision to commit to residential treatment, or is waiting to be accepted for statutory funding, admissions’ staff will provide up to six weeks prehab support to sustain their initial motivation to achieve change. This is delivered via a combination of clinic visits, community appointments and digital health platforms.