Family Programme

Family, friends and employers play a significant role in not only facilitating a loved one’s access to treatment, but supporting individuals to sustain their commitment to abstinence following successful completion of their treatment. Our specialist programme helps families and significant others discover how to not only provide effective practical and emotional support to the person in recovery, but to identify what support needs they themselves have to cope with such a traumatic episode in their lives.  Many families have never been able to discuss their fears or concerns due to the stigma attached to loving someone who is wrongly stigmatised by society.

Systemic family work is intrinsic in all that we do at the clinic, as we involve families (and we accept the client’s interpretation of who ‘family’ is for them) wherever possible in preparatory arrangements, care planning and aftercare with the consent of our patients. We also link people to local family support groups and refer to regional support networks and online resources.

We offer a safe space for families to explore the impact of addiction on their lives, working with them to develop an understanding of addiction and to learn effective techniques to help support their loved ones to maintain their recovery.

These include:

  • 1:1 support & family conferencing
  • education about the triggers and drivers of addiction
  • free access to audio visual libraries used in addiction lectures
  • Signposting to online resources and mutual aid support groups
  • 2  support groups every month lead by a therapist