Drug Rehab

Addiction can often be misunderstood, and the social stigma involved can make it difficult to accept a problem exists with recreational drug use often seen as ‘normal’. The Alexander Clinic has helped thousands of people to overcome their addiction to drugs through our drug rehab programme. Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease which causes mental and physical harm to the user and we respond with a Bio Psycho Social Approach, with the addition of Spiritual for those who have faith either traditional or non-traditional. People start to abuse drugs for a variety of reasons, such as peer pressure and stress, and many become addicted to different types of drugs.  We cannot deny that for many people, earlier in life there has been some Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) that has resulted in drug use later on, almost as a coping mechanism and certainly as a response.

Without a doubt, one of the toughest problems we face in the country today is the continuing existence of rampant drug abuse where the drug of choice depends on whatever drug is flooding the market. Because of our various national connections, we remain vigilant at all times as to the different market trends so we are best able to make immediate and ethically and medically sound responses. It is possible that society is contributing to the problem by downplaying the damaging effects of certain recreational drugs, leading people into underestimating their threat. Addiction to drugs can take hold quickly, and anyone misusing substances requires increasing amounts or stronger substances to achieve the desired effect. Drug craving and drug withdrawal keeps the person ‘hooked’ and those suffering from addiction often resort to crime to fund the habit.  At the Alexander Clinic we never judge where a client has been in their life and work with them to resolve any outstanding criminal justice involvement.

The drug detoxification and withdrawal processes are integral first steps in defining an individual’s drug treatment plan. With our staff psychiatrists, we are also able at this stage to consider more holistically a client’s medical and mental health needs, too, ensuring a  more adaptive response to what is often a very complicated history of abuse with no acknowledgement of the reasons or explanations why. Often the effects of drugs on the brain rationalize continued use and skew otherwise good judgment, so having a period of no drug use is important in getting that person to a stable state of mind. At the Alexander Clinic our experienced team will guide clients through a medically supported  drug rehab process and help them identify and process whatever comes up for them in a culturally sensitive and therapeutic way. This can be from supporting the individual to recognize the addiction to facilitating them to decrease and ultimately eliminate use. We firmly believe in working with the client’s identified needs and often work with clients who wish to remain on Opiate Replacement Therapy but detox from alcohol. One size never fits all.

Detoxification alone is not enough and will not curb a compulsion to misuse drugs. A combination of different therapies and counseling, group, family and individual will assist this. These sessions are all monitored and supported by our experienced and dedicated staff, who will see a patient through to full recovery supported by a dedicated medical team of Psychiatrists and RGN/RMN nurses.  Part of our licensing requires 24 hour dedicated nursing. Our nurses often participate in programming by offering lectures on topics such as sleep hygiene and sexual health. Working with NHS Grampian we have a streamlined pathway to accessing local sexual health and BBV treatments