Alcohol Rehab

For many people, enjoying an alcoholic drink is a harmless pleasure. However, when alcohol use becomes more frequent, it can lead to dependency. When people become dependent on alcohol their brain and nervous system need alcohol to function in what has become the new ‘normal  way’ for them. Without treatment and alcohol rehabilitation, dependency on alcohol can cause serious long-term problems, and can even be fatal. Having a residential detox is in many cases the more safe and supportive way to work with a client because of the potential for seizures when detoxing. Our 24 hour nursing staff are well trained and experienced in managing possible medical complications.

The main focus of rehabilitation treatment is to address a client’s inability to stop using substances (illicit or prescribed), managing their feelings and address the consequences of their behaviour. This also means working with the family of origin to prepare for life after treatment while supporting them in their own right to address and process the impact of substance use. The Alexander Clinic has over 20 years of experience and our professional treatment team delivers individual programmes of intensive therapeutic support focused on achieving and sustaining abstinence from alcoholism while planning how to sustain a sober life after treatment through tapping into the often excellent community resources available and the resilience of the client and their family system.

Alexander Clinic use the guiding principles of a 12-step methodology, combined with behavioural health change and recovery management during this process where we  concentrate on the underlying issues of self-esteem, personal relationships, sexual relationships, fears and insecurities and the now more readily acknowledged impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) left undiagnosed and untreated. This enables clients to have healthy relationships, higher self-esteem, and a reduced level of fear, which potentially if left unaddressed, could lead to relapse.

Detoxification alone is not enough and will not curb compulsion to drink. A combination of different therapies and counselling in group, family and individual settings, will aid recovery. These are all monitored and supported by our experienced and dedicated staff, who will see a patient through to a full recovery at The Alexander Clinic. Our success rate for clients leaving the Alexander Clinic alcohol free is not far short of 100%! And our staff regularly engage in a training programme that ensures all their skills are kept up to date with what is current and best practice in the field of addiction treatment.  This year our Director will be presenting at the International Society for Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Conference in South Korea on the success of residential rehabilitation in the response to addiction treatment. Other staff regularly write for scholarly addiction journals and periodicals.

All our clinical work is overseen by clinicians who follow medical protocols long established in the NHS and regularly reviewed by our Clinical Lead who has himself an academic and clinical background of an exceptionally high standing both nationally and internationally.