Alexander Clinic – Rehabilitation Centre

Alexander Clinic – Rehabilitation Centre is one of only Two Registered Psychiatric Hospitals registered in Scotland to address Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health

Founded in 1998, the Alexander Clinic is a residential addictions facility (Rehab Centre) registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland as a registered psychiatric hospital for adult men and women who are self-funding their addiction and often co-occurring mental health treatment. We also welcome people seeking help who can be referred through statutory care managers or employers seeking to find help for an employee with any of the process addictions such as alcohol or other drugs; gambling; addiction to prescribed medication or eating disorders.

We offer primary treatment for up to 13 people within a medically staffed 24 hour residential environment and we also have provisions to support 10 people in secondary care facilities at the same time. Dependent on the individual’s circumstances, the average primary treatment phase lasts 4 – 6 weeks with secondary care delivered over 8 -12 weeks in supported peer lead accommodation on site.

Alexander Clinic House drug rehab

With 2 resident psychiatrists on our staff, we are now well positioned to support clients who have a dual diagnosis of substance use and mental health. Many of our clients are now able to receive treatment during the detox programme for a primary mental health diagnosis for the first time ever thus ensuring a more appropriate and person centred response to often lifelong conditions while considering whether any mental health issue is substance induced or a long-standing, undiagnosed mental health issue.

Underpinning everything we offer is an acknowledgement that our clients are part of a system that includes family, friends and communities and we strive to support, through a family systems approach, everyone that is impacted by their loved one’s substance use; family, friends and employers in some cases.