Aberdeen Rehabilitation Centre

Alexander Clinic opened as an Aberdeen Rehabilitation centre in 1998. An internationally renowned Hospital providing 24 hour medically trained staffed, to 23 residential rehab beds. An approved hospital facility able to provide local alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment to both Men and Women. Aberdeen’s Specialist for activity and substance detoxification, believe Primary and secondary care treatment, with ongoing aftercare for addicts, family, friends and loved ones improves successful abstinence.

Our highly qualified addiction therapists are expert at providing treatment for people suffering co-existing mental health problems such as stress and anxiety as well as providing effective treatment for eating disorders, gambling and sex addiction.

Our professional treatment team delivers individual programmes of intensive therapeutic support focused on achieving and sustaining abstinence from alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions. We use the guiding principles of a 12-step methodology, combined with behavioural healthcare and recovery management, to address the physical, psychological and social aspects of addiction.
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